What to look for in January

In the west of Cornwall the daffodil harvest is underway. Daffodils are an important crop for West Cornwall farmers.

The daffodils are picked by hand when they are in bud so that by the time you buy them and take them home they are ready to open up.

Lambing has already begun on many farms. At this time of year the ewes are bought in to the barn to lamb.

It makes it easier for the farmer to keep an eye on them when the ewes are indoors and sometimes a ewe needs a little help to deliver her lamb.

A field of stubble – that is, a field that has been left unploughed after the cereal harvest – provides an excellent winter feeding ground for farmland wildlife.

Birds like rooks, starlings, pigeons and these pheasants feast on seeds that fell from the combine.  To read more, click here.

Oats are a cereal crop grown in Cornwall to go into porridge.   A breakfast of porridge is a great way to start the day in the winter.  You can make other delicious things with oats like flapjacks and apple crumble.  Try this recipe for a scrummy pudding with oats.