What to look for in January

In the west of Cornwall daffodils, both cut flowers and the  bulbs, are an important farm crop and January is a busiest time for the flower pickers. Teams of pickers gather up the bunches of daffodils when the flower buds are still tightly closed.  This is so when we buy them in the shops the flowers are just beginning to open and last longer.  To read more, click here.

Lambing has started on many sheep farms. At this time of year the ewes are bought in to the barns to lamb so its easier for the farmer to keep an eye on them through the long dark nights.


Sometimes a ewe needs a little help to deliver her lamb.

A snowfall at this time of year can make feeding cattle in the yard a bit tricky.



Some careful tractor work and these cows are happily tucking into a bale of silage.


Oats are a cereal crop grown in Cornwall to feed to cattle and horses and to make into porridge oats.   A breakfast of porridge is a great way to start the day in the winter.  You can make other delicious things with oats like flapjacks and apple crumble.  Try this recipe for a scrummy pudding with oats.