What to look for in March

Spring is nearly here. This year’s crop of lambs are out in the fields with their mothers enjoying a little sunshine.

Some of the daffodil fields are a sea of bright yellow as the flowers left unpicked are in full bloom.  The daffodil bulbs will be lifted in the coming months and sold for gardeners to plant in the autumn.

A few days of dry weather and the countryside will be humming with the sound of tractors as farmers get on with field work. There are potatoes to be planted and spring wheat and barley crops to be sown.  The seed drill, powered by the tractor, first makes a shallow furrow in the soil, then drops in the seed and finally pulls the soil back into place, all in one pass down the field.

Grass fields need to be rolled and harrowed ready for the first cut of silage.  Pulling a heavy roller over the fields flattens out any bumps and leaves a smooth surface for when the time comes to mow the grass.

Harrowing (raking with metal spikes) drags out any dead grass and flattens mole hills.  The soil pushed up by moles will spoil the crop if it is picked up with the grass at silage time.

Primroses are a splash of yellow in the hedgerows and there is frogspawn in the streams.  Sure signs of spring!