What to look for in July

July sees the start of the cereal harvest, and this settled spell of hot dry weather is ideal for farmers to get on with clearing the crops of wheat and barley.  So its full steam ahead on the combine harvester to get the job done.



The first crops to be harvested are the wheat and barley planted last autumn.  They have ripened and are golden yellow. To learn more about the cereal harvest, click here.



As well as ripening the cereal crops, the warm summer sunshine is enjoyed by the farm animals.  Pigs love to laze in the sun.



But pigs can get sunburnt.  They will wallow in mud to protect their skin and cool off.   But sometimes it’s just too hot; these two prefer to sleep through the heat of the day in the shelter of a pig ark.



Don’t believe the old wives’ tale that when cows lie down it is going to rain.  Cows like to lie down for a large part of every day to chew the cud, especially in the sunshine.



In the long daylight hours of July, you might also catch a glimpse of some of the other animals that live in the countryside.  There are plenty of rabbits about, feeding on grass in the fields, their ears alert for danger.



If you are very lucky you might see some wild deer.   Can you spot the red deer hinds (females) with their fawns making their way through a hay meadow?



What better on a hot sunny day than an icecream.  Milk is the major product of farming in Cornwall and it’s a great place for dairy products like clotted cream, cheese and of course icecream. Find out how icecream is made at Callestick Dairy Farm.



There’s lots of locally grown soft fruit and vegetables to enjoy as well. Look at our veg calendar for July.