What to look for in June

The beginning of June is time for the Royal Cornwall Show, the biggest agricultural show in the county.  Through the summer months there are agricultural shows all over the county you can visit.  There you will see cattle, horses, sheep and sometimes pigs, all washed and brushed to look their best.

You can get a close look if you want.

…and its not just grown-ups who win the prizes.

In early summer sheep are sheared.  The shearer’s job is skillful and hard work.  The sheep is held on its back while the fleece is removed in one piece with electric clippers.   It does not hurt the sheep.  In fact removing those thick woolly coats makes them better able to cope with hot summer weather. For more click here.

Pigs reared out of doors enjoy rooting in the grass.  Pigs are omnivores which means they eat almost anything –  plants, grasses, insects, worms and small animals. They love to lie around in the warm sunshine too but can get sunburnt.  To read more.

The strawberry season is here and they taste particularly good this year.  Growing the strawberries on ‘tables’ which raise the plants off the ground makes picking the fruit much easier and protects the crops from slugs.  For a quick and delicious strawberry dessert recipe, click here.