What to look for in November

As autumn turns to winter, it gets colder and there are fewer hours of daylight so the rate at which the grass grows slows down. Grass also has less feed value for cattle at this time of year than in the spring or summer so they may need some silage or hay as well.



Dairy cows need a high energy diet to produce milk so from now until the spring most herds will be kept indoors and fed on a diet of grain as well as silage.



Sheep usually stay out in the fields through the winter, only coming into the farmyard at lambing time.



Sheep farmers have to pay particular attention to their fencing as sheep are good at escaping. These are helping themselves to some stubble turnips…



…and these have found their way down to the beach!



This year’s apple harvest has by now been picked and carefully stored for eating later on. Only apples that have no bruising or damage can be stored. The rest are made into juice. Click here for a simple recipe for mulled apple juice, a warming drink for chilly evenings.



There is still lots of locally grown veg to enjoy in November.