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Autumn is when we celebrate the harvest and say thank you for our food.

Years ago everyone on the farm and all their neighbours would come to help gather in the grain harvest. The children even stayed home from school to help.

Harvest then

Harvest today

When the hard work was finished, everyone would sit down to a feast to celebrate a good harvest.

Everyone turned out to help


What time of year do we traditionally celebrate the harvest?

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In the spring
In the autumn
After Christmas


Wheat is grown to make flour, with which we make bread, biscuits and cakes. Wheat is put through a mill to take the flour out of the grain.

Wheat is also used to feed animals. Much of the wheat grown in Cornwall is used to feed cattle.

Before it is fed to cows the wheat grains are crushed. Crushing the wheat makes it easier for the cows to digest. The work is very dusty.

Crushing wheat for feed

We use wheat flour to make what?

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Straw is used as bedding for farm animals in the winter.

Young pigs love to play in straw

Straw is the stem of cereal crops like wheat or barley. Once the grain has been harvested, the straw is baled and stacked in the barn.

The straw is baled in different quantities. Small rectangular bales are light, about 25kg, and can be carried by hand.

Small dog on small bale

The big round bales are much heavier, about 150 kg. They have to be lifted and carried by a tractor.

Small dog on big round bale

Farmers in Cornwall need more straw than is grown here. In autumn, you will see big lorries on the roads into Cornwall, bringing straw from areas of the country where more cereal crops are grown.

This straw is packed in huge rectangular bales that weigh up to 500kg each.

Loading straw in the field

Straw is used for bedding on livestock farms. What else can straw be used for?

Animal feed
Building houses
Protecting soft fruit crops

Telehandler - loading machine with extending arm for handling heavy weights.

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